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Movie Night

Our students watched the movie Ex Machina as part of the !magine Fest Film Festival. Following the screening, the students participated in in-depth discussions regarding AI and the Turing Test, as well as the ethical considerations and human-AI interactions highlighted in the film. 


Students' reflection

“I have watched this film before. But after studying the Turing Test in our program, I've come to realize that the way the Turing Test is portrayed in this film is quite superficial. The movie doesn't actually delve into the fundamental problems that the Turing Test faces."

“It's hard to believe this movie was made over a decade ago. Many of the problems and ethical issues that were once only found in sci-fi have now become real-life problems."


“It was really exciting to see the film making reference to the famous thought experiment - Mary's Room. It is an insightful and illuminating way to explore the problem of knowledge and perception and limitations of artificial intelligence and whether machines can truly have subjective experiences and consciousness."

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