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Movie Night

Our MAAIES students gathered for an engaging movie night to watch the documentary AlphaGo. The documentary provided a fascinating insight into the development and success of AlphaGo, which challenged and defeated the world champion of Go. Following the screening, students shared their reflections and discussed how AlphaGo relates to AI and ethics. Many were amazed by AlphaGo's remarkable ability to learn, adapt, and strategically outmanoeuvre its human opponent.


Students' reflection

“This documentary successfully captivates audiences, even those who know nothing about Go, and match between Lee Sedol and AlphaGo demonstrates the essence and wisdom of both Go and AI. The decision making process of AlphaGo makes us realize that sometimes seemingly absurd and unreasonable choices may eventually lead to success. This also teaches us that in real life, sometimes we need to bravely try different paths to achieve such unexpected success. Moreover, the respect and compassion shown by the AlphaGo team towards Lee Sedol, as well as their passion for AI, make us deeply appreciate the greatness of human intelligence.”

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