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Movie Night

Our MAAIES students watched Dune: Part 2, a highly anticipated science fiction movie. The film sparked in-depth and thought-provoking discussions among the students not only about science and technology, but also concerning power dynamics and religious motifs.

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Students' reflection

"The power of religion as portrayed in the movie left a profound impression on me. It was astonishing to witness how the belief in Paul as the Messiah has resulted in an unstoppable holy war. It demonstrated how belief can be powerful enough to overthrow an empire. Additionally, it was captivating to see how faith is established and strengthened through people's experiences of miracles. I could relate to Chani's scepticism towards religion and prophecy as well as her prudence in Paul's ascent to power. The movie has also sparked my thoughts on whether people need and should have something to believe in.


"In the Dune universe, AI is depicted as a prohibited technology as the consequence of over-reliance on computers and AI. This raises important questions about whether we should limit the development of AI and what the possible outcomes are if AI is left unchecked. Also, the technology in the Dune universe appears to me as both advanced and primitive. On the one hand, there are interstellar spaceships, but on the other hand, no computers or robots exist. This film provokes thoughtful consideration on how the elimination of AI might cause human life to regress to a primitive era."

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