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Students' Sharing

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Artificial intelligence has raised a range of opportunities and challenges for human society, and I am excited to face and embrace this essential transformation. As a student with a background in STEM, I feel grateful and pleased to have chosen this programme, Master of Arts in AI, Ethics and Society at HKU, to further my study in this dynamic field. Here we learned a lot about the nature of AI, the fundamentals of AI algorithms, and corresponding ethical considerations.


The programme features a well-structured curriculum and an exceptional faculty, ensuring a high standard of education of academic rigor and practical value. During the learning process of this valuable programme, the lectures, workshops, and discussions, helped me to understand in depth the concerns and thoughts on AI and AI ethics, bringing me a critical perspective on the profound impact of AI in this era.


LI Pengchao


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As a student with an interdisciplinary background who has come to pursue my passion, the MAAIES programme in the Department of Philosophy provides me with a powerful, enriching, and warm experience. The programme encourages all students to think, reflect, and contribute insights. Given the pace of technological advancements, concurrent considerations of humanities and ethics are essential. Children and Health are the areas I am most concerned about. Additionally, Labor, Law, and various other social aspects can be avidly discussed here.


I am fortunate to have experienced a free yet rigorous academic atmosphere, and to have met beloved professors, staff, my kind supervisor, and other important individuals during my time here. May we set sail from here, with hearts full of gratitude and boundless courage to pursue our dreams. 

​QIU Ruoran Murphy


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